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Pesto! Pasta.

In Dinner, Vegetarian on September 29, 2011 at 1:23 pm

This recipe will probably overwhelm the faint of heart but for those adventure seekers this will rock your taste buds in many unexpected ways.  Get ready for a good time.

Whole wheat pasta with olives, cabbage , pesto and lemon zest.  o my! :

Slice one large yellow onion

Add chopped onion, three tablespoons of olive oil and pinch of salt and pepper to a skillet set on low heat.

Add two cloves of garlic, chopped, to the onion pan.

and a glass of your favorite wine!

Allow the onions to cook on low heat for 40 minutes. Stirring occasionally.Add a large tablespoon of Earth balance butter.

Quarter one head of green cabbage.

Then chop.

Add two large tablespoons of ready-made pesto to the onions.

Mix in pesto.

Chop one carton of mushrooms.

Add mushrooms to onions in pan.

Top onions off with cabbage head and cover. Cook over low heat for ten minutes.

Chop a half cup of pitted olives.

Slice one red bell pepper.

Add red pepper and olives to pan.

In the meantime bring to boil salted water and add whole wheat. Cook according to package.

Slice a pint of cherry tomatoes and zest a half of lemon.

Turn off heat. Add lemon zest to sauce and stir throughly.

Top cooked pasta with onion pesto sauce. Add the fresh tomatoes and some peppery arugula. Serve with a smile!

There is so much flavor popping off this plate, take care and chew slowly! Enjoy 🙂

  1. Mmmm…you sold me with the olives. I think they may be my favourite form of anything pickled!

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